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Exciting events coming soon

Today I was so excited to confirm a new event that I’ll be attending in conjunction with Manchester Roller Derby. I’m hoping the event will be mega successful and lead to a long term commitment from myself in support of this amazing sport.

Watch out on my Facebook events for times and locations!

Manchester Roller Derby was formed in 2010 to provide a centrally located and inclusive roller derby experience to anyone who wanted to give it a try.

It is a fast paced – full contact sport! Consisting of two teams; one jammer and four blockers on each side. Jammers score points for every player they pass on the opposing team whereas Blockers assist their Jammer getting through whilst blocking the opposing jammer.

Bouts last 30minutes and it is non stop action!

Take a look at the Manchester Roller Derby website www.manchesterrollerderby.com


Baby Prince Bump Painting

I met a little prince today… he played with my brushes and loved being tickled.

Today I was commisioned to paint a mum to be’s bump, the brief was he was her little prince.

I initially researched lots of very regal looking crowns before deciding on a 5 peaked princely design in blue, with lots of glitter and a nice poem:

Little hands, Little feet, Little Prince

We are excited to meet!

Little Prince Baby Bump Painting - 36wks

Little Prince Baby Bump Painting – 36wks


This was a quick design taking under an hour, and was the feature of a baby shower.

My first solo Bump Paint

Today heralded a massive step forward for me as in all my years facepainting I’ve never painted a baby bump on my own.

The lovely Corinna was my pregnant model at 37 weeks pregnant she had a lovely bump to share. The baby boy was so well behaved and was ever so cute chasing my brush accross her stomach.

I can’t wait to paint my next bump – and for any local mums to be in Blackburn with Darwen I have a very special offer.


Eco-ethical Face Painting

I work close to an area which is densely populated by many faiths including islam, judaism and muslims. I was asked if the products I use are Halal safe, Kosher or are Vegan, my answer was I honestly don’t know.

So I have made enquiries as to which brands are Eco-ethical – Eco-ethical means free from animal cruelty, caring for the environment, not harming one body (naturally grown, free from pesticides or ingredients deemed harmful) and fulfilling social responsibility (including fair trade and no exploitation of workers).

I am hoping that over the next few days I can gain the knowledge to enable me to offer Eco-ethical face painting to all that require it. I will be contacting companies such as Ruby Red in the states who are developing safer and more Eco-ethical products that conform to Halal and Vegan rules. The proof will be in the pudding though to see how these products perform in real life.

If you have any queries regarding these issues do not hesitate to contact me on 07787 480656 or contact me via email.


Baby Bump Painting in Blackburn / Darwen only £10

I have very limited experience regards painting baby bumps, so I have made it one of my aims in 2014 to change this.

I am currently offering local mums to be within the Blackburn or Darwen area, an exclusive deal of a unique bump painting costing just £10. This cost is to cover fuel and paint, and in return I will take promotional photos for use on my website.

Gestational baby bump painting is relaxing and fun for both mum and unborn child, some say the baby is stimulated by the paint strokes whilst others say it’s the bright colours on the skin.

It is an amazing opportunity to capture this special time and have photos to look back on and cherish.

Baby Bump Painting is an ideal gift for baby showers, and gives mum-to-be the chance to take some time for herself and relax whilst being painted. You are able to choose your own design and can be painted in the comfort of your own in a relaxed atmosphere. Some ladies choose to sit, some to stand, but overall I aim to make you as comfortable as possible. Other guests or older siblings can be painted to match which makes memorable photographs.

The paint is easily removed with baby wipes or with soap in the shower. The ideal time in pregnancy to be painted is around 7-8 months, but you can be painted at a time that is convenient to you. The more predominant your bump, the better the outcome, and there is no need to worry about stretch marks-they will be covered by the paint!

Introducing Charlotte my apprentice face painter

Unisex Butterfly Design

Facepainting with Stencils

Today I received my order from Glitter Body Art aka Temporary Tattoo Store. They were on promotion at £1 each, which is 25% of the cost of similar stencils! 

I was impressed with their flexibility and they are clear which allowed for me to align them perfectly.

They were ordered on Friday and arrived today(Tuesday) so shipping was fantastic value at £2.50.

Snow Leopard

Used the Temporary Tattoo Store Leopard Stencil


Christmas Fun and Sparkles

This weekend I have managed to work on my delicate starbursts, Charlotte requested her signature Santa Hat with added sparkle while the lovely Jessica wanted a butterfly mask with crown.

Both girls were thrilled with the results…. So was I!